Half Moon & Crescent Shaped Diamonds  Fancy Side Stones

Half Moon Cut: The Perfect Diamond Side Stone Half moon cuts feature half of the profile of either an oval cut diamond or a brilliant round cut diamond. They feature a curve on the one side and a straight line on the other side. This is why they are called the half moon cut, representing a half moon. Half Moon Cut Diamonds Shape: Diamond Source Of Virginia ... The half moon diamonds are used mainly for side stones and have the profile of half a round or half an oval diamond. They have a straight edge on one side and curved side on the other. They have a straight edge on one side and curved side on the other.

Half Moon Loose Diamond Pairs - Caratsdirect2u.com Half Moon Shaped Loose Diamond Pairs Half Moon Diamonds were created specifically to use as side stones. They are used to enhance the round center stone in a solitaire diamond engagement ring and create a larger look. Buy Half Moon Diamond Pairs For Sale - Africagems This diamond has been cut for full brilliance with a Very Good Symmetry, Polish, Finish and Make. A G-H color grade diamond is considered to be in the near colorless color grade, very suitable for white gold and platinum jewelry.

Half Moon Diamond | Ebay This is a natural earth mined, half moon cut diamond. It is unenhanced in any way and not treated in any way. It is also laser inscribed on a girdle. Trend Alert: Half Moon Diamonds - The Engagement Ring Bible Half moon cuts originally started out as broken round brilliant or oval diamonds (yes, diamonds can be broken). Jewellers would find a similar shape and coloured diamond and use them as accent stones in a ring design or as earrings, since they were no longer usable as a centre stone.

Converting Half Moon Cut Diamonds From Millimeters To ... Half-moon diamonds are also a great choice as side stones for a marquise shaped diamond center stone and customers usually choose half-moon pairs equaling less than 1 carat in order to accentuate the size of the center stone. CaratsDirect2U has white half-moon diamond pairs available in a variety of color and clarity grades. If you already have a center stone and are looking to match them to side stones, we can find the right half-moon diamond pair for you. Shimony Diamonds Half-Moon Cut Diamonds. Half-Moon shape diamonds manufacturing is one of our fancy shape expertises!! Half-Moon shape diamonds can have different shapes and different makes.

Half Moon Diamond

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