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Healing Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet + 10% Donation ... End Of Summer Sale. Limited Offer. 50% OFF ** Ananta Stones Exclusive – Not Sold In Stores ** Ocean Jasper draws its soothing power from the element of Water. Charity Car Donations Made Easy | Donate A Car Donate your car to charity with our industry-leading car donation processing services available in all locations near you. Choose your cause. It's fast, free and tax deductible.

Herobracelets™. Black Memorial Herobracelet™ Fallen Soldier HeroBracelet™ Fallen Officer HeroBracelet™ KIA Memorial HeroBracelet™ Victims of suicide, tragedy, war, terrorism. OUR original black Memorial HeroBracelets™ have become an iconic statement worldwide. Organ Donation | Dying Matters Have you thought about helping someone after your death? An organ transplant can dramatically improve or save someone’s life, but they depend entirely on the generosity of donors and their families.

Fixturedisplays Suggestion Box, Donation Box, Tithing Box ... FixtureDisplays Suggestion Box, Donation Box, Tithing Box, Church Offering Box, Prayer Box with Cross 15138. Salvation Bracelets, Craft Kits, Supplies Little As 10¢ E ... Salvation Bracelets Preassembled, Gift Bags, Easy to Assemble Craft Kits, and Wholesale DIY Supplies. As we "Go into ALL the world . . . ," the Salvation Bracelet is an inexpensive evangelism tool which serves as an inexpensive FREE GIFT used by Missionaries to soften the heart of the lost to receive Christ as we share the Gospel and God's Plan.

Medicalert MedicAlert speaks for our members when they can't, via our membership service and custom-made medical ID jewellery. Meaning To Pause About pausing. Our bracelet provides a private, gentle vibration every 90 or 60 minutes, prompting you to pause from whatever you are doing and reframe your thoughts.

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